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buy real xanax Although we are predominantly a play based centre, we do have a phonics programme for the 4yrs to school age kindergarten children at Kin Kin.

xanax order online We have based our decision to implement this programme based on the feedback we have received from families, local schools and the broader community. We have done lots of research into learning difficulties and have found that phonics is the best way to teach children the foundations of reading as this is the method used by SPELD SA – the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of SA.

Phonics has been widely recognised and accepted as the first and most significant strategy in the process of reading development. Phonics teaches children to listen carefully, differentiate between sounds and recognise the phonemes (sounds) that make up each word. Learning the phonemes and the corresponding grapheme (written form) is the basis for learning to read and spell words. Kin Kin Early Education the teaching of phonics is approached in an engaging fun way for all the children. Phonic sessions are composed of games, music, stories, songs and actions.


xanax online canada We concentrate mainly on the first phase of phonic teaching (Phase 1). This phase focuses on developing children’s speaking and listening skills, and continues throughout the year.

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This learning links to our local schools and we feel it gives our children a head start in being productive and confident learners in our community.